/ M&S Christmas 2018

/ M&S Christmas 2018


M&S Christmas 2018
Food Love Stories, Berries
Brand: Tesco
Breakfast | Compilation
Brand: Charlie Stebbings
Lunch | Compilation
Brand: Charlie Stebbings
Pudding | Compilation
Brand: Charlie Stebbings
Booze | Compilation
Brand: Charlie Stebbings
Fast Food | Compilation
Brand: Charlie Stebbings
Brand: Liberté
M&S 'Apricot Tart'
Brand: M&S
Tees Valley 'Look What We Found'
Brand: Tee Valley
Loyd Grossman 'Pasta'
Brand: Loyd Grossman
Weetabix 'Days of the Week'
Brand: Weetabix
M&S 'Easter'
Brand: M&S
KFC 'Take It Slow'
Brand: KFC
Aldi 'Favourite Things'
Brand: Aldi
Waitrose 'Fish'
Brand: Waitrose
M&S 'This is Not Just Food'
Brand: M&S
Commercial Film Director Charlie Stebbings


Starting life as a stills photographer before moving into film, Charlie is like the ace fighter-pilot of food and drink with an eye for detail that would put a Frank Drebin to shame…  Lighting all his own work brings an inimitable authorship and distinctive style.  M&S, Waitrose, Aldi are all slices of the close up world that he inhabits and has found so rewarding.  Basically, if you’ve ever looked longingly at an ad and thought “I’m going to go out and buy that chocolate pudding right now” even though it’s 7am and you’re still in your pyjamas, that’s basically because Charlie shot it.


Worst thing about Charlie: He has season tickets at the Emirates.  Best thing about Charlie:  He’s worn dungarees on a shoot to win a bet.  But let’s face it, the real reason he’s a Rogue is as a ringer for the ski team, who can also chef up a mean tartiflette on the mountain using just foraged lichen and a goat. Result!