Marks & Spencer / Back To School

Marks & Spencer / Back To School


Back To School
Brand: Marks & Spencer
Brand: Mars
Break Free
Brand: Gtech
Fiat 500
Brand: Gucci
Blue Blood
Artist: Foals
Champagne Kisses
Brand: Jessie Ware
Chapter 2
Brand: YSL


Chris’s parents were always doing up their houses, for a 10th of what it should cost and then moving on before anyone in the family leaned against a wall and went through it by mistake.

Lucky for us, Christopher is best known not for being found barely alive behind some hastily constructed faux wooden paneling but for his subversive pop promos. His most well known collaboration is with Lily Allen, with ‘Hard out Here’ which has notched up 38 million hits - and they’re not all by us, either.

He graduated in Film and TV Production at Bournemouth in 2005 and from there blagged himself a job as Content Director at MTV, telling them he knew exactly what he was doing - and was so convincing he almost believed it himself. Armed with a camera and a retro school satchel full of ideas, Chris had four years and a free rein to ‘craft intelligent, quirky and engaging stories’ but in actual fact was left to do whatever he wanted, because as they all said at MTV at the time “It doesn’t matter, nobody’s watching”.

Besides Lily Allen, Chris has built relationships with Lana del Rey, Sam Smith, Foals, Friendly Fires and Will Young getting lots of attention along the way including Best New Director and Best Indie Video at the MVA's. His work has been featured in Vogue, Dazed and Confused and the New York Times.

He still likes doing the odd music video but in the meantime, his commercials work is gathering momentum.He likes making films that are eye catching and layered with warmth and humour...

Chris is convinced that he does his best writing when he’s moving, so when he’s got a treatment deadline he’s mostly to be found on the East Coast train going up to Edinburgh and back again, getting a free view and all the tea and sandwiches he can eat as he types away like Jack Nicholson in The Shining but hopefully with some better ideas. In his spare time, he’s aware that he was in danger of becoming a bit of an incessant home re-decorator like his parents but thank goodness he became a Rogue instead.