There’s a unique and unshakeable spirit that runs through Rogue and all the work we make here. Our Directors are known as much for their passion for their craft, as they are for their talent. The result? Rogue Directors are internationally recognised at the Academy Awards, BAFTA’s, Emmy’s, Grammy’s, MVA’s, MTV, VMA’s, Cannes Lions, BTAA’s, D&AD’s, Creative Circles and more.

They’re hand-reared, corn-fed and allowed to roam freely.

Sam Brown
Stacy Wall
Mark Zibert
Mark Jenkinson
Misha Manson-Smith
Tom Barbor-Might
Charlie Stebbings
Chris Sweeney
Sam Cadman
Marcus Svanberg
Kevin Macdonald
Dan Maslen
Stuart A McIntyre
Simon McQuoid
Nicholas Barker