Converse / Sharks

Converse / Sharks


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Commercial Film Director Jun Diaz


Jun Diaz spent his youth moving between Southeast Asia, East Africa and eventually America while his father worked for UNICEF. He was a teenager when his mother took him to a film festival in Malaysia where he saw the work of masterful filmmaker Akira Kurosawa, and then decided he wanted to be a director himself. Diaz moved to New York in the ‘90s and quickly established a name for himself as an editor, garnering widespread acclaim for his work in commercials and feature films. His feature editing credits include American Movie, Home Movie and the critically acclaimed Kid Stays In The Picture, for which he received an A.C.E. nomination for Best Documentary Editing.

Diaz transitioned to directing in 2008 at Smuggler, with the CG-packed spot “Rise” for the NFL, which gave brilliant form to the anticipation of every football fan in the days leading up to the kickoff. He quickly gained renowned as a one of the industry’s top comedic storytellers, setting himself apart with strong performances and cinematic visuals together with a sharp eye for art direction and production design. He has directed memorable commercials for Wealthsimple, MasterCard, NY Lotto, Heineken and NBC Sports to note just a few. And his remarkable campaign for CFDA, praised by tastemakers such as Creativity for its innovation and aesthetic, was embraced by the CFDA Awards EP/CD Nian Fish who said Diaz “brought heart, soul, story and entertainment” to the campaign.

Diaz’s work has since garnered nominations and awards globally, including the One Show, Cannes Lions, Andy’s, CLIOS and AICP honors.