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Land Rover / Can and Will


Can and Will
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Life In a Day
Last King of Scotland
Christmas in a Day 'Kids'
Brand: Sainsbury's
Washing Up
Brand: HSBC
Touching the Void
Commercial Film Director Kevin Macdonald


Kevin is one of the most revered storytellers of his generation. He is a hugely awarded filmmaker who has worked across game-changing documentaries through to emotive and inspiring features.  The Last King of Scotland won Forrest Whittaker the Academy Award for Best Actor, along with 3 BAFTAs for Best British Film, Best Actor and Best Adapted Screenplay - and Kevin, the Best Director at the British Independent Film Awards.  Touching The Void won him 'Best British Film' at The Evening Standard British Film Awards and at BAFTA - the first time a documentary / drama has beaten a feature film in the Best Film category.

"One Day In September", which explored the tragic events surrounding the Israeli Olympic team hostage-taking at the 1972 Munich Games, won Kevin an Academy Award for Best Documentary, together with an EMMY in the same category.  He was also voted Best New Director at the British Independent Film Awards in the same year.

‘Life in a Day’ The revolutionary 90-minute document of highly personal footage was assembled by Kevin from YouTube videos shot by ordinary people on a single day during the course of a year. It was noted by The Telegraph as ‘a bold new adventure in cinema’ which was then re-appropriated for the multi-award winning Sainsbury’s Christmas campaign in both TVC’s and a 40 minute documentary.

Kevin gained more critical acclaim for his hugely respected biopic ‘Marley’, a definitive documentary on the life, legacy and global impact of Bob Marley, one of the 20th centuries most enduring icons.

He’s just finished submarine thriller ‘Black Sea’ staring Jude Law and is confirmed to direct the new Elvis biopic.

Kevin would be the consummate Rogue, if only he’d stop banging on about it…