Petit Bateau / Tough Day

Petit Bateau / Tough Day


Tough Day
Brand: Petit Bateau
Born Original
Brand: Adidas
Brand: Justice
Exotic Jeans
Brand: Desigual
Mess on a Mission
Brand: Liars
Brand: Very
Ice Cream
Brand: Battles
Marilyn Monroe
Brand: Pharrell Williams
Commercial Film Director Luis Cerveró


Luis Cevero is our newest Rogue and we’re very proud to have him here. We were instantly captivated but the sheer amount of ideas in his work - I mean, how many brains can one fit inside a single human skull? Luis is somewhat of a polymath, so much energy and technique, cinematography and wry humour that creates a richness and huge watchability in his work.

After having worked in cultural TV programmes and directing visuals for museums and shows, Luis Cerveró has devoted the last years to the direction of commercial films and music videos for clients such as Adidas, Sony, Vodafone, Mango, VW, and Petit Bateau as well as working with some of the biggest international bands in music videos - such as Justice, Battles, Liars or Pharrell Williams. If that wasn’t enough, when he’s not being creative for other people, he has his own publishing house too. Phewf! I think I need a lie down.

Luis’ endless working capacity is reflected in all of his projects. His curiosity always leads him to explore new paths and, without a doubt, his very own personal mark is in every single work he has made. Luis pursues to surprise himself as a way of expression, and with this aim he surprises everybody every time.

He’s also a top chap too, he hails from Barcelona and has lots of cool pairs of really nice glasses.