Coop / Coop 'The Organic Effect'
Coop / Coop 'The Organic Effect'


Coop 'The Organic Effect'
Brand: Coop
Lidl 'Le Bon'
Brand: Lidl
Blackberry 'Alicia Keys'
Brand: Blackberry
Coke Zero 'Aaron'
Brand: Coca Cola
Lidl 'Dill'
Brand: Lidl
Sainsbury's 'Christmas Food'
Brand: Sainsbury's
Marcus Svanberg


Marcus is an innovative director known for his ability to create beautifully crafted and heartfelt work that captures something real and authentic in every subject. From athletes and stars to real people, Marcus has a talent for cinematic storytelling and bringing out the best in people that is evident in all of his work.

Marcus quickly became one of Sweden’s most renowned directors, making films for global brands such as IKEA, EA Games, Nike, Coke Zero, UNICEF, Jaguar, Blackberry and Reebok. Marcus’s clever and insightful work has won him critical acclaim across the industry, including multiple Eurobest Gold, EPICA Gold & Grand Prix + Gold Lions in Cannes.