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Audi / Spin


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Turn It Up
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Brand: Audi


Mark has a unique ability to bring considered production values and story telling experience to ‘non-traditional’ and interactive platforms.  After having cut his digital teeth at SuperGlue on award winning campaigns such as British Heart Foundation (Cyber Lion and Campaign Big award), BBC, Reebok, Adidas, Mini, Royal Navy and Google he became a Rogue and immediately shot the award winning 1.7m views Audi R8 spot.  This started as a pioneering augmented reality experience to be viewed on smart-phones but it was such an instant viral hit that it was shown on TV and in cinemas.

Mark shoots the brand films for Rapha and has gone on to shoot TV, online and digitally integrated campaigns for Ford, Lexus, Seat and Jaguar, which is a bit odd since he doesn’t have a drivers licence.

Mark is so obviously a Rogue, and not only because he wears Lycra bib-shorts in the office and is rarely seen in shoes.