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eToro / Barber


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Misha started life as a documentary editor but quickly moved into directing and has gone on to rack up a number of TV credits including the multi-Emmy and BAFTA winning Death In Gaza (HBO) and BBC2’s ‘Excluded’ as well as comedy series, including the British Comedy Award winning My New Best Friend (C4), BBC3’s applauded comedy series ‘Pramface’ and his BAFTA Breakthrough Talent Award winning ‘High Spirits With Shirley Ghostman’ from the BBC.

His first ad was the award winning Google ‘Online Checkout In Real Life’.  To fit with Google's own very particular sensibility, the spots had to be cast and directed with wit, charm and an understated naturalism. As long time fans of his TV work, particularly in comedy, Misha was the perfect fit and he came on board to both write and direct .

Shot over one day in LA for Funny Or Die, his short film ‘Barbados’ stars Michael Sheen as David a middle class guy with middle class problems, despite his lovely home and beautiful middle class wife (Radha Mitchell). His son Gary (Ty Simpkins) is the same, just thirty years younger. Both are looking for a way out from suburbia and all its trappings. One Sunday lunchtime, however, when the police come knocking… David’s world suddenly becomes even more claustrophobic.

Misha was born to be a Rogue and we’ll have him here forever – although he works with Will Farrell, who we’d have to take in a straight swap, which I’m sure he’d understand.