Central Beheer / Cleaning Ladies

Central Beheer / Cleaning Ladies


Cleaning Ladies
Brand: Central Beheer
Brand: Utterly Butterly
Sunday Lunch
Brand: Carte D'Or
Late Night Opening
Brand: Whiskas
Brand: Utterly Butterly


We like UK Ad Watcher site, David Reviews. They said, "If the likes of Glazer and Budgen are creating giant canvases that no one can miss, Barker is the creator of masterful miniatures of understatement."

Acclaimed for "His extraordinary ability to distil something quirky from ordinariness", Nicholas trained as an anthropologist before joining the BBC as a radio producer. Whilst at the BBC, he went on to create and direct three critically acclaimed series: 'Washes Whiter', 'Signs of the Times' (the hilarious and harrowing chronicle of family relationships posing as a study of home decorating), and 'From A to B' (the infamous study of people and their cars). The latter two mini-series rapidly gained cult status and heralded a new genre in British documentary making, perfectly demonstrating his idiosyncratic visual style and caustic sense of humour.

Playing fast and loose with documentary conventions, Barker gives us an often hilarious, sometimes poignant horror story, walking a line between sophisticated genre busting and sneery cheap shot.  Nicholas's film, Unmade Beds, received much critical acclaim and picked up numerous awards on the festival circuit.

Nicholas’s credits include some definitive moments in advertising, including Cannes Lion-winning Carte D'Or Sunday Lunch and Centraal Beheer Cleaning Ladies.  He has more recently had an organic online hit with his short film Tokyo Dreams, a Zen-like film about sleeping commuters on the Tokyo subway.  It won at the Sunset Film Festival 2013, Best Shorts Competition, La Jolla 2013 and at IFFSRV, Jakarta 2013.

Nicholas is a Rogue beyond doubt, albeit the original metrosexual one – He practices guerrilla gardening on Hampstead Heath incase you were wondering where all those crocuses suddenly appeared from.