Amnesty International / Death Penalty

Amnesty International / Death Penalty


Death Penalty
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Commercial Film Director PLEIX


Until now, Rogue has been a company of singular directors but we’ve decided to change that. Our latest talent signing is the formidable Pleix.

Pleix is a multi-awarded winning collective of digital artists (graphic designers, 3d artists and musicians who adore to mix their various skill sets enabling them to gain greater freedom for various projects – this approach enables Pleix to span multi-disciplinary genres, and we love a bit of that over here. The Pleix touch could be a common work on limits, contradictions and perfect accidents that show the fragility of our digital world. If that’s not zeitgeist we don’t know what is!

They are all based in Paris and have worked together since 2001 but have known each other way before they created Pleix. Their skillsets perfectly complement technically and creatively, sharing inspiration and ideas with one another. True collaboration. Since 2003, Pleix has stormed the commercial world, when one of their music video “Itsu” (for the band Plaid at Warprecords) got presented at the Cannes Festival during the Saatchi & Saatchi New Directors' Showcase.

Venez dire bonjour.