Audi / A Pleasure To Follow

Audi / A Pleasure To Follow


A Pleasure To Follow
Brand: Audi
Brand: BBC One
Come Dancing
Brand: BBC Strictly
Brand: Apple
Brand: Apple
Delivering Awesome
Brand: Virgin Media
Take Your Seat
Brand: Sky Sports
Brand: Apple
The Big Entrance
Brand: Audi
On To The Next One
For Your Next Step
Brand: Lloyds
Horse Story
Brand: Lloyds
Coming Home
Brand: Waitrose
Sea of Support
Brand: Mars
The Idea
Brand: Virgin Atlantic
All You Can Eat
Brand: Weight Watchers
Left Behinds
Brand: Freeview
Brand: Guinness
Brand: Costa
Moments of Truth
Brand: Strongbow
Beauty and the Beasts
Brand: Audi
As One
Brand: BBC Radio 1
Commercial Film Director Sam Brown


Sam’s ability to consistently deliver beautiful and unique films has been recognised at the highest level in the industry.

He started out in music videos and became one of the most sought after promo directors in the world, winning arm full’s of MTV, VMA & CAD awards. Sam’s videos for Jay-Z - ‘On to The Next One’ (70m hits), Foo Fighters ‘The Pretender’ (186m hits), Adele’s ‘Rolling In The Deep’, (950m hits and a Grammy for ‘Best Video’) and London Grammar’s ‘Strong’ (30m hits) have cemented his reputation as a director who will continue to craft music videos which are always beautiful and always quite unlike anything else.

He has created powerful ads for high-profile brands including BBC, Virgin, Honda, Adidas, Audi, Lexus and Guinness. Sam’s work continues to be as eclectic as ever...the only similarity being exquisite photography and impeccable attention to detail. His awards include Golds at British Arrows, Cannes, London International, Creative Circle and a best direction pencil at D&AD.

Sam epitomises what it takes to be a Rogue, except for a habit of running out of all awards events at 10.45pm sharp, by getting you to hold his glass, saying he’s off for a pee and’ll be back ‘in a minute or two’.