Safe Roads Alliance / Text and Drive

Safe Roads Alliance / Text and Drive


Text and Drive
Brand: Safe Roads Alliance
Good Samaritan
Brand: Burger King
The Lump
Brand: Cancer Research UK
Shopping Small with Shaq and Kendrick Lamar
Brand: American Express
The Little Pub
Brand: Lidl
Brand: McDonalds
Brand: Trigger Happy


Sam has a knack of getting brilliant unexpected performances out of non-actors…

Majoring with a 1st Class Degree in Graphics from Middlesex University It wasn’t long before he sowed the seeds for what was about to become an international phenomena; Trigger Happy TV.  3 years spent perfecting anarchic guerrilla TV, that won him the Silver Rose D’Or, shifted a million DVD’s and was sold to over 50 countries.

He’s been awarded at Cannes, won Gold at the BTAA’s, and In 2004 he made his US debut with an anarchic campaign for Ikea whilst being honoured in both the ‘Talent/Performance’ and ‘Dialogue/Monologue’ categories at the AICP in New York (which means it’s kept in the permanent collection of MOMA) for his Sprint commercial ‘The Man’

Talking of which, Sam spends a lot of time in the US and there’s nothing that he doesn’t know about American food… He’s shot ads for all the best places (well all the ones that serve Cajun Fries, Chicken-ring Sliders and Biscuit Holes) – like McDonalds Burger King, Popeye’s and Hardees.  His ‘A-Holes vs B-Holes’ spot was voted the funniest ad of the year by TV Viewers in the USA.

Sam is the Rogues, Rogue.  No-one can walk faster or pack their whole life into one child-sized backpack when travelling, and don’t be fooled by the Amish beard.  That’s been protected by the RSPB as a nesting site for rare birds.