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Commercial Film Director Stacy Wall


Born in Germany, Stacy Wall grew up and watched a lot of television in North Carolina.  The perfect grounding  to a career in advertising – he spent nine years at Wieden+Kennedy as a copywriter and Creative Director on Nike and ESPN.

Stacy transitioned to directing commercials in 2001. He has since imposed his artful directorial style on countless ads in both the US and UK.

In 2009, Stacy launched Imperial Woodpecker in the US, a company dedicated to making Sno-Balls, sponsoring the Japan Men’s National Cricket Team and producing the last TV commercial ever made. But after receiving the DGA Award for Outstanding Directorial Achievement in TV Commercials, it appears there’s still a lot more work to be done….

We’re glad Stacy is a Rogue… And not just because he’s got a Vox Continental organ either…  Although it is a splendid organ.