Gatorade / Don't Go Down

Gatorade / Don't Go Down


Don't Go Down
Brand: Gatorade
We The North
Brand: Toronto Raptors
Next Gen
Brand: RBC
School Photo Day
Brand: Kids Help Phone
Brand: Louis Vuitton
Ready When You Are
Brand: Canadian Armed Forces
Brand: RBC
Commercial Film Director Stuart A McIntyre


Stuart was born in Colorado but grew up just outside Toronto, on a diet of VHS’s, which means that he’s seen 97% of all films released between 1983 and 1997.  Despite never seeing 'Spice Girls, The Movie', he still discovered a great passion for film by learning from the world’s best film makers.  After years of editing other people's commercials, Stuart eventually stopped talking about wanting to be a director and actually became one.  In a very short time, his work – all of which feels like strikingly personal stories, rich with detail and emotional connection - has been recognised from Cannes to The Clios. Stuart intuitively taps into an underlying sense of humanity, truth and grace, whatever the genre.

We knew he had to be a Rogue - not only because he’s got more luxurious hair than David and Charlie put together, but because he loves being in London and is the only Canadian we know who actually understands the rules of both rugby and cricket.