Tuesday 29.11.16

Posted by: Josh

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I'm talking music again this week!

Following on from last weeks blog post on the Marvel Symphonic universe and the importance of music in all things film - this week the question is what is music?

We know music is crucial but what is the function of music, why do we organise sound into music?

This is the question posed by Mac Premo in this fascinating video interview.

The answer? Perhaps it doesn't have a function, it doesn't mean anything, it just IS, and it's only by our direction and our emotional connection that we shape it's malleable nature into meaning, form, function.

Check out the interview below:

It's an interesting theory and also a wonderfully crafted interview. As much as the question posed in the interview is interesting the actual video itself, its style and approach is worth exploring too. Mac Premo is an artist, director and self-proclaimed stuff maker and we see glimpses of all of that in his video.

In fact for the curious minded there's an illuminating interview on Vimeo which explores his techniques and the thought process behind the film. It includes pearls of wisdom such as:

You know that phrase, “When you want something done right, do it yourself”? That’s kind of bullshit. That’s just lack of planning and a shite rolodex

Check it out HERE

Until next time, stay curious.

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