Saturday 01.04.17

Posted by: Francois

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Hey Roguettes,

We are very excited to see the return of our favourite food director, Charlie Stebbings, and his parter in crime, Dom Seymour, to the Rogue family.

Having spent the previous 8 years running both a production company, his youth peer to peer anti-smoking charity and of course shooting hundreds of commercials, Charlie Stebbings and his long time creative partner/producer Dom Seymour are returning to Rogue.

Coming back to what is one of London’s strongest Boutique Production Houses and centres of creative excellence, will give Charlie the perfect base to concentrate on creating more iconic food campaigns for both familiar and new clients. It’ll also allow him to team up with the Rogue roster to give an unparalleled offering and collaboration of performance and food under one roof.

Lighting his own work has given Charlie total authorship on his creative output, and as a strong advocate in the use of post production to enhance the natural beauty of his compositions, he always pushes the boundaries of what is possible without the viewer ever being aware of any magical help from his post production team.

Heavily involved in the creative process of the evolution of M&S’ approach to their relationship with food and advertising allowed for an unrivalled relationship with agency, client and director to change and push on the campaigns as the sensitivities of the audience towards food have changed and developed over the last decade. Teaming up with others such as Aldi, Waitrose and Tesco has also given Charlie the opportunity to create new signatures and styles that re ect different approaches but with one core principle, that of quality; if it looks that good, it must taste that good. Charlie Crompton, founding partner of Rogue commented: ”Charlie is the best food director there is. Fact. After a successful solo career, we welcome him and Dom back into the band. And if he can bring that chocolate pudding with him, that’d be a bonus, obviously.”

Check out his delectable menu of spots:


Till next time,

Team Rogue