Tuesday 06.12.16

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Sci-Fi is often the go-to for emerging indie filmmakers. For Peter Jackson it was 'Bad Taste' - a low budget sci-fi film in which he made the Aliens prosthetic face masks in his parents oven.  For Spielberg it was Fireflight. For James Camerron it was Xenogenesis.

Many early filmmakers cut their teeth with Sci-fi because it allows low budget films to have seemingly high production value if you're willing to be ingenious about how you shoot, how you make your props and create an authentic and unique world. There's a whole wealth of stories around the web of how directors used fascinating techniques to create their no budget sci-fi worlds.

However, it's not just struggling indie's that get original when creating movie props - Hollywood blockbusters also grab whatever is lying around to help populate their worlds. Just check out this article below to see the commonplace items lurking in Hollywood blockbusters.

Like the Dyson hand dryer that has become ubiquitous with public bathrooms can also be found as hand scanners on board the Starship enterprise.


While in The Fifth Element, the Mangalore terrorists’ bomb timer is little more than a combination lock with an LED on it


But perhaps the best of all - this TERRIFYING creature in Star Trek


Scary stuff.

For more store brought items in Hollywood films - check out the full list HERE

Alien technology, space suits, bomb timers, hand scanners, eye scanners and a whole array of sci-fi items are just in your reach - if you have the imagination to see it.

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